Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What Party Is He In?

President Barack Obama drives me absolutely crazy when he comes out with statements like the one he came out with yesterday morning in the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, this kind of nonsense is becoming almost routine from him.

"We need to begin by extending tax cuts for middle class families so that you have more money in your paychecks next year. If you’ve got more money in your paychecks you’re more likely to spend it and that means that small businesses, and medium sized business, and large businesses will have more customers. That means that they’ll be in a better position to hire."

First of all, if you extend the tax cuts, people will not have more money in their paychecks, they will have the same amount of money. And if they are not spending it this year, why are they going to spend it next year?

In any case, the extension would not affect next year, because the tax cuts don’t expire until the end of next year, so the extension that he is talking about would not mean “more money in their paychecks” until 2013 anyway and, as already stated, it will not mean increasing the paycheck, it will mean preventing it from decreasing. In 2013, not “next year.”

Not to mention the question of why is a Democratic president standing at a podium prattling to the effect of, “tax cuts create jobs.” That is a classic Republican talking point, and it has been proven repeatedly to be bogus.

I would feel better about Obama if he caved on these deals and then admitted that, “Yes, this deal stinks, but it was the best I could do.” Poll after poll indicates that the public recognizes that he is the adult dealing with idiots. I guess he thinks that admitting he was forced to accept a bad deal would make him look weak. Well, I’ll tell you what makes you look weak; adopting the rhetoric of the guys who just kicked your ass. That makes you look both stupid and weak.

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  1. You're thinking logically, which is great, but people don't always think that way. They often think emotionally, which is where you get the ambiguous and feel good campaigns and initiative drives. And of course, the mud-slinging and "the other guy is horrible" BS.

    Many people are going to be thinking "More money, great, I'll use it to pay rent, bills, food, gas, etc." They are not going to be buying consumer products and lifting the economy that way. Too little money, not enough lift.

    My first thought on the tax cuts creating jobs was individual cuts or business cuts? Individual cuts no, for the reasons above and business cuts, they just pocket the money or cut prices to compete or whatever. They still ring as much productivity as they can out of what employees they have. Hiring is expensive, and they'll only do it if they have large increases in demand.

    Yeah, Obama may be the adult in the room (he sure as heck is compared to the idiots in Congress), but he's looking less and less like a LEADER.

    Is there anyone to challenge him in 2012? That is not looking real good either. If there was a good challenger (for the presidential race or any other), incumbents have to fight for it. Too bad we'll probably get the meh candidate with no real change.