Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mexico Story

It’s time for my Mexico story again, wherein a contractor friend and I are visiting in Mexico and watching a highway construction project. There is no heavy equipment being used, and workers are carrying concrete in buckets. My friend is talking about how he could bring his company down and do these projects faster because he has all this fancy equipment and our guide tells him he would not be allowed to use that equipment.

“What?” my friend exclaims, “Why would the government outlaw the use of equipment? That’s crazy. How can you make money with laws like that?”

the guide replies, “The government does not care about companies making money. The government cares about being sure that these men can feed their families.”

I think we all know what our government cares about. It talks about jobs, sometimes, but its actions are based upon and for the benefit of the stock market.

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  1. bruce9:42 AM

    And don't forget for the benefit of the elected officials.