Wednesday, August 10, 2011

O'Donnell Hasn't Met My Wife

Lawrence O'Donnell went off on Rick Santorum for the latter's rant about gay marriage in which he compared the difference between a paper napkin and a paper towel. O'Donnell declaimed at some length about the two being completely interchangeable, saying that he routinely uses a paper towel as a napkin and that he had just that morning used a Starbucks napkin to clean up a spill on his desk.

He hasn't met my wife. She becomes anxious if our supply of paper napkins starts getting low, and regards the use of a paper towel as a napkin as utterly uncivilized, downright barbaric. To her complete disgust, I sometimes do it anyway.

Both of us, however, regard opposition to gay marriage as uncivilized, so we're okay with that. She doesn't know who Rick Santorum is, but if she did she would agree with me that he is disgusting, so we are okay there, too.

In fact, we're pretty much in tune except for the paper napkin thing.

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