Thursday, August 04, 2011

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Chris Matthews had Howard Fineman and Joan Walsh on for his first segment yesterday, and the three of them, an idiot and two glorified bloggers, spent a full fifteen minutes whining about this being the first time in history that the right wing has ever made such a vicious attack on an American president. All three of them are old enough to have been around and of voting age during the Clinton years, so I can only conclude that either they were not paying attention, or they are suffering from early onset dementia. Or the two bloggers are simply as idiotic as Matthews. Making vicious attacks on Democratic presidents is what the right wing does.

“Yeah, but…,” cry the whiners on Hardball, “they are claiming that Obama is not a citizen, and calling him a socialist.” Oh cover your ears to protect yourselves from the horror! They accused Clinton of massive real estate fraud and called him a murderer, for God’s sake. They charged him with selling overnights in the Lincoln bedroom. They accused him of being a philanderer, which turned out to be true, but they made the accusation long before there was any evidence for it. Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky did not appear of their own volition, they entered the spotlight because the right wing went looking for them. They impeached Clinton, you may recall.

Obama is a big boy, and he knew what he was getting into. The right wing is throwing everything they have at him simply because it is their nature to do that to Democratic presidents, and if you think about it what they are throwing is pretty weak stuff. “Socialist non-citizen.” Pah. They are not making any of it stick because there are no dead bodies or unclothed women hidden in his closet. He’s not crying about it, and he doesn’t need crybaby bloggers defending him on Hardball.


  1. bruce4:00 PM

    And the Left Wing makes vicious attacks on poor innocent Republican presidents, too. So there, you big bullies. Bunch of blowhards, all of 'em. Been going on for centuries.

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Chris Matthews is just an all around flaming idiot. Drama drama drama!!! Where are the adults in politics. I am so fed up with that idiot. Now the big thing with his two yanker females ( I didn't get there name) are blasting Bachmann because of her religious beliefs and mentioning how far out she is.. Can't they find some legit crap to talk about . OH YA, Get Al Sharpton off the air. He has absolutely nothing to add to the human race. He can't hardly even read his teleprompter smoothly.. Get him off the air. His head has gotten so huge!! And get off the tea party wagon Sharpton!

  3. Well, that's to unaimed shots in a row. If you have a specific criticism, by all means say it, but this undirected venom of a personal nature is not adding to the discourse. When I title a piece "Chris Matthews is an idiot," I then proceed with a specific instance of what he said that I disagreed with. Just saying that he is an idiot for the sake of calling a name is pointless.