Friday, August 26, 2011

You Should Be Thanking Me

No posting today because I am too busy contributing to the nation's (well, San Diego County's) economic recovery by spending $1500 on repairs to my wife's car. I'm not sure if the thanks are due for the spending, or for not posting. Anyway, you're welcome.

Update, Saturday morning: Problem was replacing seals and gaskets due to massive oil leaks. Discovered oil was two quarts overfilled after oil change at Jiffy Lube. Seems they often forget to replace oil, see here, and when they do replace it they seemingly don't bother to measure. Overfilling, it seems, at least by significant amounts, can blow out gaskets and seals.
I won't be getting oil changes at Jiffy Lube any more.


  1. Economy's bad, forgot to put oil in it. Oops...

    Lighten up, it's a joke.

  2. The citizens of SD thank you. Unfortunately I will be doing my part to stimulate the economy soon. My wife's car is running like caca.