Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Cracked Me Up

Fuzzy in the cat boz
The image of the cat in the third panel made me laugh. Is that a cat taking a poop, or what? Anyway, this comic strip is sometimes funny, sometimes not, but the dog is reliably dumber than a bag of hammers.

Update: I think Satchel (the dog) is probably a Golden Retreiver.


  1. bruce9:22 AM

    yes, the cat's taking a poop, and the dog is kind hearted, cheery, gullible and almost always dumber than a box 'o rocks.

  2. Golden Retrievers aren't the smartest dogs (there are even reputed to be others that are better retrievers), but please - they are so beautiful and lovable, do they really need to be smart? And that dog looks nothing like a Golden.

  3. bruce4:14 PM

    Satchel is half lab and half shar pei. Labs might be smarter than goldens. But they are all loveable doggies anyway.

    We can't help it if Jayhawk is a kat person.