Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chris Matthews Gets It Right

Chris Matthews yesterday, in his second segment on Hardball, engaged in a lengthy rant about how President Obama should “come out with his plan and put it on the table.” The plan should involve, he says, building bridges, highways, and public utilities, and he should put it out and defy Republicans in the House to reject it.

I don’t know it that’s a good plan or not, and the value of the plan itself is not my point, the point is that it’s a plan and is not just timid tinkering around the edges of the issue. Melissa Harris-Perry sounded like a complete twit, of course she’s from Princeton, as she said that it didn’t matter what the president said and that the “public needs to speak up,” and that pressure needed to come from the common people.

Chris rejoined that “they aren’t doing it,” and demanded to know who was going to get them do it, finishing with, “I think the president has to lead.”

Damn right. The president needs to lead, and he isn’t doing it. He is an empty suit who we elected to lead this nation and he’s not doing it because he is not a leader. He waits for a parade to form and gets in front of it. That's not leading, it's following from in front. Obama could not lead a hound dog around the yard if he had a pork chop tied around his neck.

Hell, I’d vote for Sarah Palin at this point. She’d lead us in the wrong direction, but at least she’d lead us rather than standing at the podium pleading for “togetherness” while the nation sinks into a black pit of degradation and despair.

We need to get this feckless idiot out of the White House.

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  1. bruce9:19 AM

    Hell hath frozen over when Jayhawk says SP is somebody to to vote for, never mind him voting for her. Egads, what has this come to?