Friday, August 19, 2011

The Campaign Begins

The Washington Post is all excited about the Obama Administration’s decision to “review” the cases of undocumented workers being held for deportation and, perhaps, to deport only those guilty of violent crimes. The regard it as a “huge, huge deal” and as a “good example of the White House responding constructively to criticism from the left — and doing the right thing in political and policy terms as a result.”

Oh, please. Hello? He has begun his reelection campaign, people, and he needs Hispanic votes. Just as, after more than two and a half years of wrangling over grand social and economic issues he has suddenly noticed that unemployment is a problem and is turning to a “jobs program” policy.

Obama crafts a stimulus bill that is Republican tax cuts and otherwise so badly botched that he winds up fecklessly defending it on the basis of “Things would have been worse if we hadn’t done it.” Right, and the dog would have caught the rabbit if he had not stopped running.

Then he crafts “health care reform” which is supposed to “bend the cost curve” except that every single factor that could possibly have cut health care costs was eliminated from consideration before the discussion was even begun. The result was mostly beneficial to businesses which have been raising prices like crazy, while the supposed benefit to individuals has not even gone into effect yet.

From there he went to “financial regulation” which did not restore Glass-Stegall to separate deposit banking for investment speculation, did not eliminate “too big to fail,” and did not regulate trade and marketing of fictitious financial instruments. Meanwhile financial regulators have continued to take over small banks and sell them to big banks, making
“too big to fail” bigger than ever.

Then, as he starts his reelection campaign he decides to go on a big crusade for jobs and to relax his massive deportation policy of illegal immigrants. The Washington Post is obviously gullible enough to fall for this, but are the American voters? Probably.

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  1. I suspect that Perry is a coward on the illegal immigration issue also because he is hoping for Hispanic votes.