Friday, February 24, 2012

Waxing Poetic

Secretary Clinton is going off the deep end, saying that if Assad doesn't do this and that that he will "have more blood on his hands," that it is "despicable" the way that Russia and China voted on the UN resoltion and asking, "whose side are they on?" Well, not on ours, probably. They voted against us in the UN rather than against Syria because, in their own words, they "didn't want to open the door for American interventionism and regime change as in Libya." She apparently didn't hear that part.

She sounded really pissed off, but of course she pisses off really easily.

Update, Saturday morning: Secretary Clinton is fond of saying that "the world is united against Iran," and is probably soon going to say that Russia and China will "find themselves isolated" if they continue to refuse to vote against sanctions on Iran. Juan Cole at Informed Comment has provided us with a nice world map putting that into proportion, with red being nations boycotting Iran and green being nations refusing to do so. That doesn't look like a world "united against Iran" to me.

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  1. bruce5:06 PM

    They left off Alaska, which the last time I heard was still a part of the U.S.A. (despite Sarah Palin). oh, and what are the blank (white) countries? neutral? But, hey it does make a point, yes?