Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Obama's Wonderful Mortgage Plan

This was actually first announced several days ago, but our progressive president is pushing his "mortgage rescue plan" pretty hard as part of his "populist" reelection campaign. The plan will is the rather awkwardly named, "Broad Based Refinancing to Help Responsible Borrowers Save an Average of $3,000 per Year" plan, and it will,

"...provide borrowers who are current on their payments with an opportunity to refinance and take advantage of historically low interest rates, cutting through the red tape that prevents these borrowers from saving hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year."

Precisely why do homeowners who are "current on their payments" need rescuing? Why does the plan do nothing for homeowners who are behind on their payments, homeowners who have lost their jobs and can't make their payments, and homeowners who are in foreclosure? It only works to lower payments for homeowners who don't appear to be in need of having their house payments lowered. That is just plain weird.

Answering My Own Question
It is the usual campaign ploy used by all politicians. It sounds good and and relies upon the fact that voters will listen to the "buzz words" it contains, "helping homeowners," "saving $3000 per year," "cutting red tape," and not listen to what it actually says. Something like naming a bill the "Clear skies Initiative" when it actually allows an increase in the emission of pollutants.

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  1. bruce9:29 AM

    He's being a politician - playing the "help the poor [sic] homeowners" on one hand and "don't give away $$ to deadbeats" on the other hand. PLaying both sides toward the middle without really doing much. Par for the course with this President - and actually most politicians.