Friday, February 03, 2012

Sin By Juxtaposition

All of this hyperventilating about the health insurance that religious organizations are required to offer is just plain silly. Makes me glad I forswore formal religion all those years ago. The fact that a church must provide insurance that covers contraception for its workers does not mean that those workers have to engage in the practice of contraception, for heaven’s sake.

My health insurance pays for Cancer treatments, but that doesn’t mean that I have to get those treatments even though I don’t have Cancer, just because my insurance offers it. Sheesh. Somehow these bishops think that just being offered a service is a road to hell, even if you decline the service.

If I know that you are unhappy in your marriage, for instance, so I come up to you and offer to kill your wife and you say to me, “Oh good lord no, I don’t believe in murder,” have you done anything wrong? Show me a District Attorney who is going to charge you with anything.

The Obama Administration’s requirement is perfectly reasonable.

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    They are upset that they have to offer it at all b/c they believe that they are having to offer something that they believe to be sinful. You would be upset if you were forced to offer the service of slapping babies, especially if someone took you up on it and had you slap a baby. :) (Of course that supposes you don't love to slap babies.) haha