Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Winner Is...

I have to laugh every time the President and his opposition get into one of these spats. Presently, Obama loyalists are saying that he is now a runaway winner in the November election because Republicans have "gone too far" with this contraception issue. This time, liberals are saying, the public will realize that Republicans are batshit insane and that they harbor a visceral hatred for women and so, according to Tom Friedman, the “Republicans might as well sit out” the 2012 elections and reserve their energy for 2016. (So I guess he’s suggesting they sit out the midterms in 2014 as well.)

News flash. This is February, and the election is in November. By the time voters go to the polls nine months from now they will not even remember that this little pissing match even took place. Exit pollsters will ask what role the “contraceptive issue” played in the vote that they just cast and the voter will give a blank look and say, “What contraceptive issue? What are you talking about?” Except the question won’t be asked, because the pollster will have forgotten about it too.

The election may be decided by some trivial little pissing match, they usually are in what passes for democracy in this nation, but it won’t be this one. It will probably be a misplaced flag pin on a lapel or something, but this one will have been forgotten.

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  1. The American public has no long term memory. You're right though. The election will likely be decided by some idiotic non issue that will become "important" later in the year.