Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Tribal Tactics

Let me see if I have this right. The Republicans “caved on the payroll tax cut,” in that they will allow it to be funded with additional government debt, and the Democrats won a huge victory which will all but guarantee Obama’s reelection. If this is what Democratic victory looks like, we are well and truly screwed in this benighted country.

Obama, from the day he took office, has been criticizing Republicans for cutting taxes, spending and running up the deficit. He has not been subtle about it, calling that a policy of “running the car into the ditch,” and it continues to be a part of his campaign today. So today we celebrate a Democratic victory that cuts taxes and increases the deficit. What just happened here?

Just last night I saw a film clip of Obama on the news saying, “We can’t go back to the policies which created this mess to begin with,” and advocating a tax cut which increases the deficit, with his supporters cheering lustily. Maybe we should pass the tax cut and increase the deficit in order to somehow magically restore the economy, but you just can’t reasonably do that and at the same time criticize the Republicans for cutting taxes and increasing the deficit.

More of the “It’s okay when my tribe does it” thinking.

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