Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keystone Kops

Freeway madness
California Highway Patrol pulled this guy over on a San Diego freeway at about 4:30pm on Tuesday. He was suspected of a home invasion robbery which occurred in January. They ordered him to leave the car and he did not do so, and so the San Diego Police Department was called in and a standoff ensued.

Traffic was backed up for miles as the standoff lasted for more than two hours. A policeman stationed on top of the retaining wall dropped a tree branch on the back window of the car, shattering the window. This modern, high-tech procedure failed to drive the suspect out of the car. Police moved in on the car with weapons drawn and broke all of the windows, and could not see the suspect. An officer attempted to pry open the trunk of the car, something an average crook could do in a matter of seconds, and failed to accomplish the task, even when assisted by another officer employing a battering ram. He did pry it open sufficiently to ascertain one rather astonishing fact.
Freeway madness
The police had been pointing their guns at an empty car.

Notice the retaining wall behind the car and the total lack of plant material or any obstruction on the shoulder of the highway. Somehow, the suspect managed to exit the car and remove himself from the neighborhood without the police noticing, leaving them screaming at and threatening an empty car with their weapons for more than two hours.

Sleep well San Diego, your police department is on duty.

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