Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choosing A Side

If you want to go to liberal blogs and discussion boards to read about liberal issues, about what liberal policies the government should be doing or why Obama should be elected, forget it. They don't talk about things like that. To be a liberal, one talks about how bad the Republicans are, the awful things that conservatives are doing, and why the Republican flavor of the day should not be elected. They do crow at great length about how Obama is going to win in a landslide come November, but only because the opponents are such criminal idiots.

Conservative groups decry liberal policies to be sure, but to a very large extent they talk about conservative issues, the policies which their candidates and legislators are proposing, and why Republicans should be elected. Some of those policies and proposals make sense to me, but most of them do not, and their candidates are mostly very unattractive.

At this point I see absolutely no reason to support either side.

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  1. bruce9:09 AM

    agreed. Not happy with either side and ezpecially the poltroons in Congress and all the incessant yammering about minutae.