Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Election Coverage

I actually tuned in to MSNBC election coverage last night for about ten minutes or so. Good Lord.

Republicans, I heard, all just despise every one of their candidates and would vote for a jackass if it was on the ticket. A real jackass, I mean, the kind with four legs and hooves. The majority who voted in the primary wish that someone else were running. Almost all of them had at least three reasons not to vote for Romney, but voted for him anyway. If Obama had been in that primary, he would have gotten 207% of the Republican vote.

That’s sort of hard to reconcile with the highest voter turnout for a Republican primary in something like 100 years, but the Rhodes scholar princess was undeterred by trivial data like that.

Chris Matthews told us at great length how even the candidates are unhappy as hell, and that none of them are “having any fun” in this campaign. He spent almost five minutes describing how grumpy and disgusted Romney is and how much he is hating this year’s campaign, and for several minutes of his diatribe there was film of Romney being shown, laughing hilariously, waving and kissing babies with great glee. He sure looked like he was enjoying the hell out of himself, giving Chris an unbroken track record of not knowing what the hell he is talking about.

Then we had Chuck Todd come on to tell us that Romney was the big winner among left handed auto mechanics of Lithuanian descent. He carried 80% of them, Chuckie told us, with eight votes. One left handed auto mechanic of Lithuanian descent voted for Ron Paul, and one of them didn’t vote at all. He was unsure why that one left handed auto mechanic of Lithuanian descent did not vote, and suspected that he might be dead, although why that would prevent him from voting was uncertain. That one non-voting left handed auto mechanic of Lithuanian descent, however, does “leave the door open” for Newt Gingrich.

Now Romney’s support among right handed auto mechanics of Lithuanian descent was somewhat...

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