Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Does This Make Sense?

No posting yesterday because we were without power all day. Late posting today because we have been expecting a brief shutdown again today and did not know when it would occur. Happily, it occurred just five minutes agter the PGA sudden death overtime was completed. Anyway, in the “how does this make sense” department:

Warren Buffet says that he pays less tax than his secretary and urges a 1% tax increase on rich people, says he’s willing to pay and additional 1% tax himself. “Occupy Wall Street” hails him as a hero, while condemning rich people as evil doers and thieves. Warren Buffet is among the five richest people in the nation, but because he claims to pay less tax than his secretary he is hailed as a hero. Really?

Obama says the religious employers have to provide birth control in their health care packages and outrage ensues. Then he says that the employers need not do so, but the health insurance plans offered by employers must do so. Of large employers, 40% are “self insured,” meaning that they do not utilize an insurance company but pay the cost of health care themselves. Of companies with over 200 employees, 82% are self insured. For these companies, then, there is no difference between the employer and the payor of health care costs. So how is Obama’s “accommodation” actually a solution for the outrage that first arose? Well it is because he says so, and it is not permissible to subject Mr. Obama’s pronouncements to critical evaluation.

The United States economy is recovering dramatically, with jobs being created and unemployment dropping at rates which are quarantined to secure Obama’s reelection. The DOW will break 13,000 this week. Meanwhile, Greece will default on it’s debt shortly, Europe is sliding into recession, housing bubbles are bursting in Canada and Australia, Japan is enduring a sharply increasing trade deficit, as are we, the price of oil is rising sharply, and China’s economy is slowing dramatically. None of the world’s economic problems will affect us in the least, though, so don’t worry about anything. Vote for Obama and buy stocks.

Canadians want to build a military base in Germany. For what purpose is unclear; apparently just to have an "overseas military presence." Somebody named Carlm says, "What are those Canadians thinking, eh? Let the Germans fend for themselves, they've got the money and the know how to do the job, if they choose. But why would they when others, namely the US, are dumb enough to do it for them." Do what for them, for God's sake? Who is attacking Germany these days, that they need massive numbers of troops for defense?

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