Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl

That was a really good game. Two excellent teams, both well coached, playing proficient and disciplined football. That is what a championship game is supposed to look like.

Until the last four minutes, during which the Patriots displayed a rather stunning degree of ineptitude.

Eli was clearly the better quarterback of the two. No contest. Brady threw the ball away resulting in a safety, he threw an interception that was just a stupid throw, and at the end of the game he was missing his receivers. On the interception, I knew when the ball left his hand that the throw was idiotic, and the pass that Wes Welker dropped was a poorly thrown pass. (Yes, Welker should have caught it nonetheless.) Manning either completed his passes or threw the ball away.


  1. It was a better game than a lot of Super Bowl contests. It was actually worth watching.

  2. bruce9:02 AM

    The last few minutes were desperation for the Patriots, which they usually don't get to. A better team would handle it better, but then the opposing defense has something to say about that.