Sunday, May 01, 2011

Washington Gala

After watching the speeches last night, I get the distinct impression that neither side thinks highly of "The Donald."  (Which might be one of the world's great understatements.) Can he really be sufficiently impervious that he will continue prancing for the media? He certainly displayed a bit of thin skin last night.

Also the comedian, who impressed me so deeply that I have already forgotten his name, said of the Royal Wedding that "I'm glad we live in a country where they don't wear hats like that." He has obviously never attended opening day at the Del Mar horse racing season in La Jolla, CA. Those hats were strictly amateur. At Del Mar, they do hats.


Bartender Cabbie said...

They make fun of the Donald because they fear him. Same thing with that woman from Alaska.

bruce said...

the thing that I would fear is the influence that these morons have on the segment of public that believes their line of BS.

To a person of sense and sensibility, they are dismissable.

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