Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blowback on Medicare

Ryan’s plan to “destroy Medicare” is so wildly unpopular that Republicans are going to be utterly destroyed at the polls eighteen months from now for having embraced it. That remains to be seen, I think, because the plan may very well have been forgotten by that time, consumed by the fury of some other “political issue of the day.”

In any case all of the hyperventilating over Ryan’s nefarious scheme has had blowback in that it has thoroughly soured the public on the idea of making any changes to Medicare at all. Just a few weeks ago there was consensus that, while Ryan’s plan was anathema, there would need to be revisions to Medicare in order to keep it from “bankrupting us,” but now polls are reflecting that a significant majority believe that no cuts of any amount should be made to the popular program.

So all of the screaming over the evils of the Republican plan have led to overcompensation, bringing us to the point that we may not be able to do that which is actually necessary. Good work by Democrats and that portion of the media which is actually liberal.

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