Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's not us, it's NATO

At least it wasn’t a missile from a US drone that killed the Ghadaffi children.

It wasn’t us at all, of course, it was NATO, and we don’t have much control over NATO. We can’t tell them what to do, or not, so if they are bombing non-military targets in a mission profile that is not consistent with our goals in Libya, that hardly has anything to do with us.

I did read the NATO release about how it bombed a “command and control center” which was located, apparently, in a luxury residential neighborhood of Tripoli and staffed by civilians, and I believe we have finally found an agency who has poorer public relations than the US military. That is to say an agency with poorer liars. This had to do with tracing cell phone calls which were ordering tanks to fire, and it made the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman things look credible.

That is the same agency which is saying that the Taliban’s warnings of a Spring offensive is illustrative of how weakened and frantic they have become, and that making verbal threats is what they will do instead of actually killing anybody, because we have weakened them to the point that screaming threats is about all they are now capable of. Similar to Donald Rumsfeld’s “last gasp” remark re. the beginning of the insurgency in Iraq.

Maybe the US should go back to speaking for itself.

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