Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MSNBC = Election Central

I’m now recording both Hardball and The Last Word so that when they start babbling about the 2012 Republican election I can fast forward past the nonsense. The election is still 18 months away, and it will consist of a breathless contest to see who will be defeated by Barack Obama. Why they are so fascinated by it is a complete mystery to me.

They are amazed that the Republicans have no sensible candidates, which merely proves how senseless they are. The Republicans are not going to waste a decent candidate in an election against a Democrat who they know they have zero chance of beating. They are saving their guns for 2016. Anyone with an IQ above room temp should be able to figure that out.

Both of them spent an enormous amount of time yesterday talking about Donald Trump, two days after he quit running for president. I wasn't sure it made sense to talk about him the day he quit, but to keep him as a subject of "discussion" for a full two days after he is no longer a candidate? Why do we listen to these idiots?

I know, I know. You don't, and you wonder why I do.

Not only is their focus on an election which is more than a year away, but they are not discussing its impact on the nation’s well being or policies. They are yammering about the tactics which might be used, about who will raise money and how they will raise it, and about who is making the most tactical errors in campaigning. The election is no more important to them than a football game.

Chris Matthews had Bill Maher on for his whole show yesterday. Maher is supposed to be brilliant and witty, but I found him to be stupid and dull. Matthews kept being the only one laughing at his own jokes, which was embarrassing, and Maher kept not knowing what Matthews was talking about and asking for explanations of the jokes, which was dull. and after about seven minutes I switched to watching some reruns of Judge Judy. She makes much more sense than Matthews, and is funnier than Maher.

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Anonymous said...

$5.00 + Gasoline...Yes We Can

9% + Unemployment....Yes We Can

Bow To King Of Saudi....Yes We Can

Open Borders....Yes We Can




"...who they know they have zero chance of beating."

Not so sure about that.

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