Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CA High Speed Rail, Part 2

In case anyone missed the point I was trying to make yesterday, I do not believe that is a useful idea to spend $10 billion toward a $45 billion project when you are almost certainly not going to be able to obtain the remaining $35 billion to actually make the project serve any useful purpose.

It's like someone who is not able to pay the rent receiving $10,000 toward a $120,000 Porche. He knows he'll never get the rest of the money, and the Porche, so he goes out and spends the money on fancy rims and tires for the Porche that he hopes he will someday have. Meanwhile he's still unable to pay the rent, and is now having to make payments on the tires and rims that are serving him no useful purpose.

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bruce said...

actually, he's borrowing $20,000 on top of the $10,000 given to him. Still can't pay the rent, never mind the $20,000 + interest. But he got free money, so lets go out and start the project!

Oh, and charge onlookers $10 to look at his Porsche and $100 to drive it around the block.

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