Monday, May 02, 2011

End of a Chapter

I have to say that I am somewhat more pleased and excited by the death of Obama bin Laden than I thought I would be. I don’t think that this will actually change anything, but it brings an ugly chapter of history to an end, and revenge may or may not be worthy, but it is certainly satisfying.

And what a way to do it; up close and personal. This was, to me, what made it the perfect ending. No drones here, or missiles, or bombs. A strike force takes him on in person and takes him down in battle.

My esteem of President Obama has increased slightly as well. It took leadership to maintain the integrity of the operation and to keep the lid on it, and it took a great deal of both moral and political courage to order the mission itself on the day.

The weather is going to be warm and sunny today in more ways than one.

I stayed up a while last night watching the crowds around the White House and in New York. That was a lot of happy people. I had to turn the sound off, because I simply could not listen to the idiots any more, but it was fun watching the crowds.

I am not looking forward to watching Tweety waxing orgasmic about this later today. This is going to be far worse than his aircraft carrier fiasco. He is going to be telling us how manly Obama is and getting a thrill up his leg every time a picture of him is shown, and we are going to be treated to endless pornographic descriptions of “the world’s greatest military.” I will staunchly watch him, though, so that you don’t have to.

Ironic that one event happened on the eighth anniversary of the other.

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