Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Crowds Are... Um...

Today is the beginning of Sarah Palin's bus tour, named "One Nation" and widely speculated to be the kickoff for a presidential run. The crowds might be gathering for it if they knew where it was, but no one does. It seems the New York Times was looking for her and so was ABC News, but she is so far not to be found.

You would think the the huge bus shown on her website would be readily visible in a huge mob of motorcycles, but it's not in the midst of the Rolling Thunder crowd, and that's the only clue as to time or place that she has provided, other than that it is going to be "going North from Washington" after that event. No dates or actual route provided, so where the crowds should gather, or when they should do so, is pretty difficult to determine.

She does provide a little gadget on her website that allows you to "follow the tour," a mapping device that will show you, presumably, where the tour has been. Telling the public "here's where we were yesterday" doesn't strike me as a particularly good way to attract crowds to meet the tour so that they can meet the candidate and hear the speeches.

But then Sarah always has had her own special ways of doing things. Not very successful ways, but special.

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