Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Chris Matthews is waxing euphoric about the idea that our President has such willingness to "be a killer." He just admires that Obama roams the world dealing death to anyone who crosses the United States. He is in love with the idea of having a gunslinger in the White House.

It seems to me that this president is, and I mean this positively, cold-blooded. I think chief executives of this country who have all the fire power before them have to be willing to use it or they shouldn't take the job. It's very simple. If you not going to be willing to use out military power, if you're not going to be willing to kill people when you have to, you shouldn't take that job.

This president is not a wimp about using power. In fact, I dare say, he's pretty cold blooded. In going after the pirates, he called for the contract he called for the hit. He did it again here.

Yeah, I think he's the man who shot Liberty Valance.

I told you early Monday morning that we would be listening to Chris Matthews swooning about how "manly" our president is. Chris Matthews thinks that we still live in the age of the Wild West where justice is dispensed from the muzzle of a six gun.

I am not speaking figuratively when I say that Chris Matthews is an idiot.

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