Friday, January 22, 2010

Worse Than Dred Scott?

Keith Olbermann us become increasingly buffoonish of late and, in making his political points, has reached increasingly in the magnification of trivia. Last night his screeching and wailing about the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United was simply over the top. For the most part I am able to overlook Olbermann’s hyperbole and clowning with a chuckle, but I found his extensive howling and hair pulling last night on this topic to be at best tiresome and at worst offensive.

To hear Keith Olbermann tell it, the Supreme Court eliminated elections altogether, and simply decided that corporations will hold some sort of closed bidding process to decide which one of them would put their employee into each office. Olbermann has regularly expressed contempt for the American electorate, but last night he specifically said that they are stupid and irrelevant.

Then in his “Special Comment” he pompously and egregiously declaimed at great length that this decision was “worse than Dred Scott.” I simply cannot find words to express my disgust with that pronouncement. Olbermann is a despicable excuse for a human being, and he owes an apology, delivered on his knees, to every person of African descent.

He then engaged in a hyperbolic description of his vision of the future under a "corporate government" that was so insanely exaggerated that I turned it off. I was intending to hear it through in order to write about it, but I simply could not stomach his pompous jackassery any longer.

Keith Olbermann has gone beyond ignorance, into stupidity and bigotry.

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  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Olbermann was right. Dred Scott kept black Americans enslaved. Citizens United goes a step further and enslaves ALL Americans, with the exception of a handful of billionaire CEOs and the politicians who they bribe.