Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Blowouts

The "Wildcard Weekend" provided four entertaining, competitive football games. The Divisional Playoffs provided four blowouts. Forget the score of 17-14 for the Jets-Chargers game; one team played football, the other team ran the wrong pass routes, dropped passes, fumbled the ball, threw interceptions, committed personal fouls and procedure penalties, missed tackles, and gave up a 53-yard touchdown run.

I have to wonder how many Chargers were in which nightclubs until 3am during the week before this game, celebrating their Division title, and how many talked themselves out of D.U.I. charges. Our General Manager has been drafting players for their talent; maybe he should be drafting players with a little less talent and more character. Winning regular games is a matter of talent; winning the big game requires character as well, and the past few years many of these players have made it clear they don't have it.

Oh well, at least we got to see the Cowboys blown out too.

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