Monday, January 25, 2010

Football Blogging

Too dispirited to blog much after watching what were supposedly the four best teams in the NFL yesterday, two of which totally melted down and played as they were members of some amateur league, and a third which acted like a bunch of back street thugs. Only the Colts played professional football, and that is the team I most utterly despise.

I would have championed New Orleans, but after hearing them proclaim in advance that they were going to hammer Brett Favre and watching them repeatedly take cheap shots and unnecessarily hard hits on him, and watching them repeatedly use forearms when hitting in the secondary, I could only hope that they would manage to lose. Thanks to no fewer than six fumbles, five of them unforced and four lost, and two unforced interceptions by the idiots in purple and white, New Orleans was given a gift of a trip to the Super Bowl. They will have to do better than 77 yards of total offense in the second half to even stay in that game.

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  1. Hey Jayhawk. Clicked on your link when you backed me up on Larison's post the other day. Looks like we have similar interests. I'll check back in.

    I'm a Vikes fan (or as we call them when they lose: Queens, as in Vi-queens.) I didn't know that NO called out their hits on Favre, but I think only one was illegal - the handoff where 93 belted him and he got flagged. So I'd say they played as best they could, but got lucky in winning. Pretty much describes lots of games, including playoffs. I didn't see the other game, though. What's bad about forearms in the secondary (within 5 yards, of course)?