Saturday, January 23, 2010

Olbermann Rants On

Keith Olbermann continued his hyperventilation regarding the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling last night. The thrust of his panic-stricken wailing was that a corporate representative could walk into a lawmaker’s office and demand that he change his vote on current legislation affecting that corporation, threatening to drown that lawmaker in a blizzard of negative advertising if he failed to do so.

Oh, Keith. I realize that thinking is not your forte, sir, and that knee-jerk reactivity is what you do best, pretty much to the exclusion of any other mode. I’m not sure you have the capability of this, but let’s try thinking that scenario through for, oh, maybe four two seconds and focus on the word “threatening.” No, Keith, ignore the shiny object over there; focus.

The Supreme Court changed the law on spending money, but it did not change the law regarding extortion. You do know what extortion is, Keith? Look it up; Google it. About the 2nd time that a corporate representative pulled that stunt there would be cameras running in the lawmaker’s office and that corporation would have a bunch of people going to prison.

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