Friday, January 22, 2010

Evening Things Up

Common wisdom seems to be that Obama has read the handwriting on the political wall and, reading that Main Street is really angry with all of the favoritism that he has delivered to Wall Street, is finally taking on the issue of financial regulation and reform. The consensus seems to be that people on Main Street will feel better about having been ignored for the first year of his presidency if he continues to ignore them and compensates for all of the favored treatment afforded Wall Street by beating up on it for a while.

Now, think about that for a while. Mommy ignores Sally and gives Tommy cookies for a couple months. Sally becomes neurotic from neglect, so the psychiatrist tells Mommy not to give anybody cookies and to spank Tommy once a day for a month to even things up. That evens things up, all right; you end up with two neurotic kids.

I was absent when they taught mind reading in school, apparently, since I don't do it as well as everybody else seems to; so I'm not sure why Obama is doing this now. I'm pretty sure, though, that he is quite a lot smarter than the motive implied by the above consensus would attribute to him.

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