Friday, January 15, 2010

Wall Street Journal and Sports

Fairly trivial, but the Wall Street Journal should stay away from sports writing, or it should hire someone who knows something about sports. An article yesterday in that paper about the Minnesota Vikings starts off,

One of the most sacred commandments of the NFL is that elite players aren't supposed to change uniforms. The league's rules and customs are explicitly designed to discourage this. And when players do move, common sense tells you they usually target teams in glamorous towns with championship pedigrees.

But for the first time in NFL history, one franchise is threatening to upturn both of these orthodoxies. And it's not the team you'd expect.

Perhaps they should hire someone who knows how to write at all; "threatening to upturn both of these orthodoxies"? How the hell do you "upturn" an "orthodoxy"?

At any rate, this clown has not been watching the NFL for the past 15 years or so. How many teams has Randy Moss played for, or Terrell Owens? Who did Michael Turner carry the ball for before he began setting records for Atlanta? It's called "free agency" and since the current rules for it were established some years ago the league has been noteworthy for the absence of consistency with which players remain with any given team.

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