Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...because it is hard.

In announcing the goal to send men to the moon, Jack Kennedy said,
"We choose to do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard."
That is my kind of Democrat.

And we did it. Get of your backsides and pass real health care reform.

Update: To expand on this thought, what Obama is doing is hard. The fact that it is hard, that it is not working at the moment, does not mean that he should stop doing it.

A democracy in which the minority is rendered powerless and irrelevant does not lend itself to viable governance. A democracy in which the minority has no voice leads to strife and rancor and stalemate. This is the democracy which the radical left wants to create.

Obama is bigger and better than that. He wants a democracy in which the majority rules, but in which the minority participates. He wants the minority to still have a voice that is heard and respected. Creating that democracy is hard. Obama is willing to do hard things.

Update 2: Obama, from an interview with George Stephanopoulos,

Well, you know, it is my responsibility to try to reset the tone. And I'm going to have a State of the Union speech and one of my goals, I think, I spoke about this on King's birthday, the fact that I felt disappointed that we had lost some of that sense of common cause that existed a year ago and that I have not been able to change the tone here in Washington. I am going to keep on trying though. And the reason I'm going to keep on trying is, because if we can't do that, if all that's taken place back and forth between the parties is vitriol and accusations, then what's going to end up happening is that we're going to just keep on in a direction in which families are losing ground and they become further and further disenchanted with the possibilities of politics and government can solve any problems whatsoever.

Now, here's what I'm not going to do though, George, because I think this is very important and it goes to a lot of the questions that you've asked. What we can't do is simply say we're going to stand pat and avoid big problems because they're just too hard politically.

That's what I'm talking about.

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