Friday, March 30, 2012

Uncritical Support

In reading the debate that rages in recent days, the one centered around the Supreme Court’s review of the “health care reform” act passed two years ago, one thing that strikes me is the continued completely uncritical support that liberals/progressives give to their party and to Obama.

These people are absolutely furious at Republicans for opposing this legislation and throw all sorts of epithets and name-calling at the people who want it overturned in part or in its entirety. The arguments that opponents use are “stupid” and “brainless” they claim, and to argue against the act is inhumane.

They are appalled that the Supreme Court would even take up the case, and accuse the court and a majority of the members of that court of corruption for even considering the idea that the legislation is anything less than ideal.

Yet they refuse to consider that any part of the problem might lie with with the legislation itself. They refuse to think that Obama or the Democratic Party passed legislation that contained flaws and that could have been done in a better fashion. Even as they admit outside of this discussion that the legislation is lacking in some respects, and that it is merely “the best that we could get,” within the framework of this argument they rail at the thought that it should not stand as some sort of monument of perfection to the “most liberal president in generations.”

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