Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama's Magical Thinking

CBS News had a segment last night about the war in Afghanistan, and on how it might be affected by the Sergeant’s rampage, and they showed an excerpt of an affiliate’s interview with President Obama in which he said that our leaving should be done in a manner “so that we don’t have to go back in and take down a resurgent Al Queda should they return and resume making attacks on us.”

So Obama appears to still have this fantasy about some sort of magical properties that Afghanistan possesses which facilitate attacks upon America. He seems to think that Al Queda is breathlessly awaiting an opportunity to return to Afghanistan because they can plan attacks there that they cannot plan anywhere else. That, notwithstanding the fact that 9/11 was actually planned in Hamburg, Germany.

Either that or his thinking dwarf’s that of Hannibal, and he plans to “deny space” to Al Queda by occupying the entire planet and occupying any piece of ground where they might set up their laptops and engage their feverish little brains. I’m not sure which is more deranged, that approach or the magical properties of Afghanistan.

Interestingly, CBS News altered that piece for it’s online version which is showing this morning. In that version Obama is shown saying that “It’s time, it’s been a decade,” and that “now that we’ve gotten Bin Laden and weakened Al Queda we can transition effectively.” I think that “transition” means “get the hell out” but a lot more slowly so that it doesn’t happen until after the election.

Because, of course, everything is about the election. Everything.

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