Sunday, March 04, 2012

Obama On Energy

I've written on this before. Better mileage cars is small thinking. Hyman Rickover would have called it "ox cart thinking." We need thinking that employs imagination, and that is outside the box of conventionality.

We have eleven housewives driving eleven cars twenty miles each to eleven different grocery stores five times a week for groceries, and the best he can come up with is to have those eleven housewives make their fifty-five weekly trips totalling 1100 miles using cars that get slightly better mileage. He can't come up with carpools, or pooling of stores, or different forms of transportation, merely a regurgitation of the same thinking that has been around and been rejected for decades. Small, outmoded thinking.

Nor, while admitting that the high cost of gasoline is due in no small part to the uncertainty over the future of Iran, does he acknowledge that his actions are among the principal causes of that uncertainty or that it is within his power to resolve that uncertainty and by so doing to reduce the world wide price of oil. Apparently his genius does not extend to being able to connect his own actions to the outcomes of those actions.

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