Monday, March 05, 2012

Obama Is Ironic

Okay, the irony is probably unintentional, as Obama seems to be completely unaware of what he is saying a good bit of the time. Such as saying that if we keep terrorists out of Afghanistan they will be unable to plan attacks against this nation, a theory which is breathtakingly... Well, no, I don't want to call our president stupid, so let's just say the theory is nothing if not innovative.

Anyway, last week he was saying in an interview with Jeff Goldberg that it is "unacceptable to the United States" for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, and that we would "apply the military component" if need be to prevent them from getting one. Unlike George Bush, who was less intelligent and used terms like "bomb them into the stone age," Obama is highly intelligent and uses terms like "apply the military component." Means the same thing, though, and the two men, regardless of IQ, think pretty much alike.

This week Obama is at AIPAC, an Israeli lobbying outfit, trying to cadge votes for his reelection and saying that all of this "loose talk about war" is a bad thing because it "helps Iran." I was not sufficiently interested in his campaign speech to Israelis, who don't vote in our elections, to read on and find out how he thinks it helps Iran. Well, unfortunately, I guess he was talking to Israelis who do vote in our elections, but that's a different issue.

Meanwhile he was reiterating his threat to "act — with military force, if necessary" to prevent Iran from doing whatever we didn't give it permission to do. It may be that he explained why his loose talk about war against Iran did not help Iran while everyone else's loose talk about war against Iran did. Maybe he thinks Iran is afraid of him and not afraid of anyone else; remember, he did tell them last week that, "I don't bluff," which is pretty scary. It wasn't quite a Clint Eastwood "make my day" moment, but it wasn't bad, and remember that he was handicapped slightly by the lack of
a six shooter.

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