Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Bounties, Bubba

There have been some people who said that the bounty system employed by the New Orleans Saints was no big deal, but Roger Goodell is not among them. The man threw a major tantrum, and flung poop on everyone involved. I do believe he was majorly pissed off.

Between that and the Tim Tebow trede to the New York Jets, subsequently derailed by John Elway's demand for $5 million cash, ESPN has been positively orgasmic all day. Rotflmao.

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bruce said...

Just watch - someone will take out Peyton Manning in short order and they they will cry and want Tebow back. bwahahahaha...

Not many players have gone on and become good GM's. Wait and see, wait and see.

Football is rough and competitive enough I don;t think a bounty system is necessary. Of course this all ties in with the no unecessary roughness /concussion /yadda that Goodell is promoting.

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