Friday, March 30, 2012

Krugman: Still Brain Dead

There is a saying that we should "judge a man by the company that he keeps." Paul Krugman is in company with Tom Friedman, David Brooks, George Will and Maureen Dowd as columnists for the New York Times, and yet liberals keep quoting him and thinking that he is smart.

Today he is critizing the Supreme Court for their lack of legal knowledge,

Let’s start with the already famous exchange in which Justice Antonin Scalia compared the purchase of health insurance to the purchase of broccoli, with the implication that if the government can compel you to do the former, it can also compel you to do the latter. That comparison horrified health care experts all across America because health insurance is nothing like broccoli.

I do believe, Paul, that that was precisely Scalia's point. Duh.

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bruce said...

and precisely how is Krugman an arbiter of legal knowledge? oh, right, he's a an economist. duh, indeedy

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