Friday, March 09, 2012

The Manning Swoon

Peyton Manning is leaving has left the Indianapolis Colts, and everyone is all agog to see where he will land next; that is to say, which team he will take to the Super Bowl in 2013. Um, folks, you do realize that he isn't taking his receivers with him, right? You do realize, too, that he hasn't thrown a pass in competition in over a year? Me, I don't want him on my fantasy league team.


bruce said...

He'll try and match up with a team that has recievers already bu no good QB's Also, he's going to be a big target, that is every defensive player is going to be after his neck, er.. ass.. whatever. I hope no one signs him to anything longer than 1 year. I'm not holding my breath that he going to last long.

Bartender Cabbie said...

With the supposed severity of his injury he should probably hang it up. He is a media hound and will easily find a place on ESPN or Fox.

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