Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness Observations

The Kansas game was turning into a blowout, so I switched to Legigh/Duke. Boy, am I glad I did that. I'm sure I was not alone in being happy to see the rich brats of Duke go down, no matter how badly it busted my bracket. I thought they finished with a rather notable lack of class, too. Down two points with 2.8 seconds left and shooting 1 and 1, they commit a lane violation in the act of making the first shot and lose the opportunity to tie, and then on the inbounds commit an intentional foul by holding onto the opponent's shirt. Really?

These games do have a lot of downtime for commercials, don't they? And the end of close games is really annoying when they play for only one made basket and then call time out. The last 2 minutes of the game takes 20 minutes to play, 13 minutes of which is commercials.

I watched Florida play half a dozen times during the regular season. Who are the kids they have in those uniforms in the tournament? There needs to be an investigation, because I think they have at least five ringers. Or maybe they are on speed. Highly motivated?

I understand the concept of deliberately fouling at the end of the game when you're trailing; but when you're trailing by ten points and your opponent is in double bonus? Come on; they're not going to miss that many free throws. Accept reality.

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