Thursday, March 29, 2012

ACA Under Fire

One Supreme Court justice suggested during discussion about repealing the act in its entirety that requiring the justices to read all 2700 pages of the act would be "cruel and unusual punishment." Indeed.

When the process started out, before one page was even written, with a secret negotiation with drug companies that Medicare pricing for drugs would not become subject to negotiation and that drug reimportation would remain against the law, how can any good "health care reform" result? Add to that the concept that 535 legislators wanted to do 535 different things to benefit, not the nation as a whole, but 50 different states, and that an effort was made to placate all 535 of them, and serve the narrow interests of each of 50 states, and you have them makings of a horrible mess. Sure, there might be one or two good things in it, but it remains a horrible mess.

I think the justices have a good point. It took a full year to put this pile of crap together and, while parts of it are undoubtedly worth saving, it would take much longer than that to pick it apart to see which parts those are. We would be far better off to scrap this dog, and start over.


bruce said...

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said 535 legislators all trying to do disparate things and not thinking of the nation as a whole. Yes, I know they're elected to represent thier constituents, but they also have a greater good, too. Dumb asses.

Jayhawk said...

Not "too," their responsibility is the greater good. They are supposed to represent the principles of their constituents in serving the interests of the nation. Serving the interests of their constituents is only about getting reelected and is actually in conflict with their responsibility.

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