Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deploring Violence

CBS News did a piece recently on the targeted killing of Iranian nuclear scientists within the borders of that nation and showed Hillary Clinton denying the involvement of this country. “The United States deplores violence,” she says vehemently, “and we renounce killings.”

And then, of course, comes the headline that, “Missile fired from US drone kills 15 suspected militants in Yemen.” Note that they were suspected militants, and it was in Yemen, a nation with which we are not at war.

Do these people even listen to themselves when they talk?

We are very quick to condemn Assad for the massacres in his country, where some 7000 civilians have been killed. How many civilians were killed as a result of our invasion of Iraq? Yes, no official number, because we don’t count them. We count the number of “innocents” that Assad kills, but we don’t count the number of innocents that we kill. We just kill them without counting them. The number in Iraq is certainly over 100,000 though, more than 14 times the number Assad has killed. He is a monster; we are…

We “deplore violence” but we are the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of military weapons and munitions, and we spend as much on our military as the rest of the world combined.

We “deplore violence” and we are performing assassinations in at least seven sovereign nations by firing “Hellfire” missiles from unmanned aircraft. Not only do we practice assassination as an element of foreign policy but we do it with missiles which are not anti-personnel weapons but are anti-tank weapons, with a killing radius that kills not only the target but anyone who happens to be within 100 yards of him.

We are a “peace loving nation” which “deplores violence.”

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