Friday, March 30, 2012

The Internet Is Not For Journalists

The only reason I read is that Glenn Greenwald in on there with his Unclaimed Territory column. At his worst he is worth reading, and I check daily to see if he has anything new. The rest of the site is about 50% weird sex (“When I Discovered I Was A Hermaphrodite” and “Why I Brought Home A Hooker To Meet My Wife”) and 50% Obamabottery. The latter are actually somewhat more likely to make me lose my lunch than the former.

Currently we have a couple of real rib ticklers. One is by Steve Kornacki citing polls to say the Mitt Romney is so damaged by the Republican primaries that there is no real point in holding the general elections because Obama has so much higher favorability lower unfavorability ratings that he will win the election in a romp.

Even better, though is one by Andrew Leonard which claims that there is no crisis arising from gasoline prices because the “economy is not cratering” (right, tell that to people who are having to buy gasoline) and, “If you’ve got a smartphone and a Facebook account, who needs to leave home?”

Oh absolutely. When I buy my new refrigerator, on Facebook presumably, I will expect to have it delivered over the Internet.

I will shop for groceries on my smartphone and then just hold my smartphone up to my Internet-delivered refrigerator and push a button. It is a smartphone, after all, so it will just vomit my groceries into my refrigerator.

You don't need to actually, you know, visit your girlfriend; just chat over Facebook and have phone sex. Presumably smartphone sex. Smart sex?

In an earlier post I commented that future generations will wonder if this one actually went to school. Future generations, hell, I’m already wondering that.

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bruce said...

What's a Facebook? is that one of those albums in the hairstylists where you pick the style you want from the faces in it?

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