Sunday, March 18, 2012

Freaking Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks won despite wearing their lace uniforms tonight. When you are playing against thugs, ladies, you have to put aside your swooning couch and play like you have hair on your chests.

Update, Monday am: So, Robinson attempted 5 shots in the first half, making one, and was not much better in the second half; attempting 7 shots and making just one of those. Four whole points from the field all night from their playmaker. What crap. If the opponent is using two guys to bully your inside playmaker, that means you have an open man; so you send that open man over and you assure that some Purdue Boilermaker buttocks hit the boards. If you get called for a foul, then fine; that's what fouls are for, sending messages. You don't just flap your hands and fecklessly take bad shots from three point range.

Bill Self was beyond being pissed off; every time they showed him he just looked like he'd just stepped in some fresh dog poop.

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no one accused you of holding back your opinion either...

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