Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spending Causes Debt

In a continuation of yesterday's thought, the proper action, I think, is to have the courage of conviction. Come right out and say that one believes, as I in fact do, that Obama is handling this mostly the right way. I have plenty of disagreement with Obama, but this isn't one of them.

Yes, he has increased spending and, yes, he has increased the debt; those were not only the proper actions, they were necessary and critical actions and I approve completely of him taking them. I am not going to hide behind some weaselly half truths about how spending didn't cause the debt, or Obama didn't cause the spending. It did, he did, and I approve. He could have done it a bit more and I would have been more approving.

I've never said I disagreed with Krugman's theories, although I'm not entirely sure that I do agree with them; my criticisms have been of his "proofs," which are mostly nonsensical.

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