Friday, October 15, 2010

Bizarre Ballots

Dave Weigel comes up with reasons why Democrats are attacking the Chamber of Commerce and its purported use of “foreign money,” and in the process makes a statement that to me illustrates just how utterly bizarre our electoral process really is,

Voters hate watching these ads. Yes, negative ads work. But voters, of their own volition, have expressed confusion and anger about negative ads at events for Democrats and Republicans that I've been covering.

If voters hate the ads so badly, then why are they voting for the politicians who are running the ads? They are doing so, as evidenced by Weigel’s, “Yes, negative ads work.” The way to get rid of the ads that voters supposedly hate so badly is not to vote for the candidates who run them.

This is so simple that the average sixth grader could figure it out, but political pundit Dave Weigel cannot, and neither can millions of voters upon whom rest the fate of this nation. They vote for the candidates whose advertisements they like the least, and then they complain about the results of their own voting habits.

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bruce said...

1) vote against the incumbent.
2) vote against the most negative candidate.
3) if equally negative, vote against the most BS or foolishness.
4) vote for the most honest (even though (s)he'll likely lose
5) we're probably up the creek anyway.

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