Sunday, October 31, 2010

Funky Forcasting

One of my favorite aphorisms is the one which goes, quite simply, “All generalizations are false.” That includes, of course, the statement itself. The same could be said, I think, of all of the ranting about what is going to happen if one party or the other becomes the majority in Congress, be it for good or for evil.

Remember how, in 2006, we were going to get Democrats into the majority and end the war in Iraq? How did that work out? Right, that victory resulted in the “surge” in Iraq.

Remember how, in 2008, we were going to elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress was going to become empowered to do all these wonderful things? That has turned out a lot better for Wall Street than it has for Main Street, hasn’t it.

So when I hear Obama and company screeching about all of the horrible things that are going to happen if Republicans win control of Congress, I just remember the claims of all the good things that were going to happen if Democrats won.

My suggestion is to vote for the person, not the party.

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bruce said...

I never vote a party line. I always vote for /against a candidate or initiative on his /her /its own merits, not on what the party or party /interest recommendation.

Other than that, politics stinks.

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