Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democratic Demographic Plots

There is a certain punditry class who believes the Proposition 19, which would to some extent legalize marijuana, is a plot by Democrats to energize the young voting demographic that elected Barack Obama and help keep Barbara Boxer in office. I have to say that I am vaguely disturbed by the implication that Obama was elected by pot smokers, but I can’t really say that I give a particular damn how Obama got elected and am just glad that he did. I’m less concerned with Boxer’s fate; I’ll vote for her, even though I'm not a pot smoker, but not with any great enthusiasm.

Then here comes Attorney General Holder speaking in California against Prop 19, and these same pundits see an even deeper plot evolving. They believe that the current plan is that Democrats want Prop 19 to fail so that they can put it on the ballot again in 2012 and energize the youthful, pot smoking demographic two national elections in a row.

I’m not really buying it. I don’t think Democrats are capable of thinking that far ahead.


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um, ludicrous is more what I was thinking

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