Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food Blogging

I came across this recipe in the San Diego Union-Tribune a couple of weeks ago. Despite liking all of the ingredients, it looked kind of weird to me, but interesting. I made it last night and it's, like, "Wow."

It served the two of us, with leftover for my wife to take for lunch today.

Shrimp with Bacon & Spinach
4 slices Bacon
1 clove Garlic, minced
1 med Yellow Onion, diced medium
1 can, diced Tomatoes (15 oz)
1 bag, Baby Spinach, chopped coarse
1-1/2 lbs, medium Shrimp

Cook bacon until crisp and set aside. Add garlic and onion to skillet, season with salt and pepper, cook until onion soft. Add tomatoes and spinach, simmer until spinach is soft. Transfer to bowl. Wipe skillet clean.

Cook shrimp in skillet with oil, salt and pepper for a couple of minutes, then return spinach/tomato mixture to skillet and cook until shrimp are done.

Serve over rice, topped with crumbled bacon.

I used the "petite diced" tomatoes, and didn't put the whole can in; maybe 2/3 of it. I took the time to pick all of the stems off of the spinach ahead of cooking, and it was time well spent.


Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Nope, not happening. Its got creepy crawlers in it.

bruce said...

I made it with a 28 oz can of whole (but broken up) tomatoes. I suppose a bag of spinach is 6 oz, I just grabbed a big handful out of a large 1 lb container. It turned out pretty well. I was going to try feta cheese on top for the 2nd serving, but oops it was eaten too fast.

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